Josie, Bono

I just got finished reading your book \”Rescuing Sprite\”. It was so moving in many ways imaginable. I feel for your family and for beloved Sprite and Pepsi. I know just how hard it is to go through what you went through. When I was 5 (I am 12 now) my dog died. Her name was Josiphine \”Josie\”. I went through such a rough time. It\’s hard to think of a five year old depressed, but I was. I was always crying.

We cremated her and put her in a box that we still have to this day.I knew I could not bury her because we were moving in a couple of weeks. I would never leave her side. Seen as how she only liked me anyway. She was not very nice to anyone else. Anyway when we moved I was still mourning so my grandma took us to a trip to Alabama. (Us meaning me and my brother). We went into a small house with many cages of all miniature shnausers just like Josie. We got a 6 week old boy that we names Josiphines Napoleon Bonapart \”Bono\”.

So far he has lived for 7 years and is soon going to die. He has a heart problem which includes many holes in his heart and a tumor. We give him medicine which seems to be working but he has many heart attacks and faints more than 10 times a day. We are thinking about putting him to sleep to put him out of hisĀ  misery. I hope you , Lauren, Chase, your wife, Griffen and, Pepsi are doing o.k.

T from GA