On June of 1988 my mother brought home the cuties puppy she was a Boston Terrier she was to be a gift for my Aunt Toni who lived in New Jersey. My Aunt was going to come and get her but could not make it for a little while so we were going to take care of her till she came. We Named her Jazzy cause she was always so hipper. Me and her back very close i took care of her taking her out feeding her cleaning up after her. Oh and playing she loved to play. My Aunt called about the time she was supposed to come and get her. Jazzy had been with us for a year now. She said that she had decided to let me have her since she was not going to come and since Jazzy had spent most of the time with me. Little did i know that it would be the start of the best friend that I would ever have. She out lasted all my old boy friends. My jobs and most of my friends. She was very smart and very loving. About 3 yrs ago i met My husband and she did not take well to that since we had been together just her and I she never had to share me and that was hard for her to get use to. She was well jealous of my husband Ed. In 2006 Jazzy went blind and I was carrying her around she got to know the furniture pretty well I always felt bad when I had to leave her to go to work. In 2007 I looked at my Beautiful Jazzy and said to her you got old on me she was now limping cause she had a lump on her front leg so I carried her around I took her to the vet and he said that she had cancer and that he didn’t give her long.  So We kept her over Christmas and I had quite my job so that I could be home with her I took a picture of her under the tree. In the picture she looks like she is smiling and happy. It was like it was her gift to me. On June 28th 2008 at around 12.00pm i Had to say Good By to my Friend she would not go on her own so we had to help her. I did feel guilty and so when I read marks book I understood the feeling of guilt told her that I loved her and that I would see her again. It rained the whole day so I know that even the angels cried. About 3 days ago my mother brought me another puppy. At first i felt guilty about it cause Jazzy has not been gone that long I still miss her so much I can still smell her on my pillow and when i wake I still expect to see her there at the foot of the bed. I have problems sleeping at night now she was always right there to cuddle with. She was my friend and life for so ling it so hard to say good by. Sometimes late at night I think I can still hear her breathing right there beside me and it comforts me. But it is nothing like the real thing. I don’t know how long it takes to get over the lost of a pet. But to me she was so much more than a pet she was a beloved friend and i will miss her every day. My husband named the new puppy Princess and she is very cute but i let her spend most of her time with him. He has never know what it was like to have a pet that was your friend and iI would love for him to see what a true friend can be like. So that he can understand why its not just a dog its a life companion. as soon as i get a printer I will come back and put her picture on here. It helps a little to talk about it. I still feel like my heart is breaking when I do.
I love you Jazzy
Goodnight My Friend

Antinette from MO