Jade & Lexi

Reading \”Rescuing Sprite\” had me smiling as I thought of  the dog and cat family members I\’ve had and it touched my heart deeply.     I read it in one sitting.  You expressed the love and tragic loss that all animal families eventually go through.  Although my family is a cat family, many of my extended family have Dogs and Cats.

In 2004 my husband came home from Iraq and we transferred from Ft Hood, TX to Ft Knox, KY.  It didn\’t take long before we adopted 2 cats from the Ft Knox Animal Shelter.  Surprising, because my husband has never been a pet person.  But war changes you, in good and bad ways. It changes what you value as important; changes your outlook, etc…

Our oldest kitty, Jade, was 1 when we adopted her.   Terrified & depressed, dumped off by her 1st family for unknown reasons.  She spent 2 weeks hiding under our daughters bed, only coming out to eat and use the box in the middle of the night.   But slowly she began to investigate her new home. After 2 months we became best friends.  She may be a cat, but acts like a dog.

Jade follows me from room to room, sits next to me when I sit on the couch, meows at me to hurry up when it\’s bedtime, greets me at the door, runs up and flops over so I will pet her belly, sits and looks at her furry mice and back at me until I go get one for her to play with and gets jealous when I pay attention to her kitty sister Lexi; Jade is a velcro cat.  I treasure everyday we have together.   Our furry family members have such a short time with us, but bring us so much joy.   Thank you for sharing your wonderful Spritey with us.         p.s. Please give Pepsi & Griffen a treat for me.

Michelle from KY