Today is Oct 21, 2008 and I just read your book about your Sprite. I received the book for Christmas 2007 and haven\’t had a chance to read it because of personal and professional obligations. Since I broke my foot on Sat I had a chance to read the book. My husband bought me the book for Christmas because he knows how much I miss my Hannah. She was 11 when we had to put her to sleep in 2006. I brought her home October 31st in 1995. That year was one of the worst years of my life.

We have had many dogs in our lives between my husband and myself and I was putting off getting another dog. We had just put our beagle to sleep the year before. In 1995, I was fired from my job which I had for 20 years. I was reported to the state board of professional licensure and became a zomby. In September of 1995 my Hannah was born but I didn\’t know it yet. I had finally found a job again after 5 months of looking(July) and my husband was hounding me to get a Rottweiler. Hannah would be our third Rottweiler. Our first one died a horrible death to Lupus when she was two. She died in my arms. The second was a little nuts and we gave her to a couple without children because we were expecting a baby and didn\’t know how she would react with a new baby. Our original intention was getting a Rottweiler for protection since we had a few neighborhood incidences that caused our windows to be broken and other problems. We didn\’t know what a great dog the Rottweiler is. We had Siberian Huskies, a Beagle, German Shephard, Poodle and now we have a Britney Spaniel. My heart though remains with Hannah. I have Hannah reminders everwhere.
My heart goes out to you. I too want to write a book. I miss her to this day.

Janet from NY