Hi Mark,
I just read your book Rescuing Sprite.  I could not put it down once I picked it up. I am a dog lover also.  It was a beautiful book as was Sprite and as is Pepsi and now Griffen. It was a very emotional and tearful story about Sprite.  My youngest of four sons left for college this fall and I miss him terribly, but in August, shortly before we took our son Art to college, I retired from my job, because I did not want to leave my dog, my best friend, Emma, (she is a liver and white , mostley white, beautiful springer spaniel) home alone every day of the week.

It is funny, because I look up to Emma as much as she looks up to me.  She is my shadow and my protector during the day while I am home alone until my husband comes home from work.  Everyday she and I take our long walk around our property, unleashed, and she has some favorite sniffs that she always goes to but then finds something new and exciting.  All the while she is running around, in close distance, while smelling every scent she can , she constantly looks back to see where I am, making sure that I am safe.  She is my best friend and is 6 yrs old.  I cannot even bear the thought of losing her someday.  I am sorry Sprite was with you only a short two years, but what a wonderful two years it was!  I look forward to another story hopefully someday about Pepsi and Griffen, and their adventures!
Thank you, from another dog lover,

Linda from WI