Each Dog is Important

Nothing brings me more joy than when I walk into the local spca, wearing my blue shirt, brown apron and my name tag. I examine the board to see which of my four legged pals need to be walked, groomed, socialized or just loved.
My focus is on level 2 dogs. They may be labeled that for a couple of reasons. But never for agressiveness. Mostly because of the overall size, but often it is for very shy, submissive, fearful dogs.I walk in firmly yet gently, never making a sound. I let the dog have a chance to approach me with what he/she knows best. Scent.
If the dog shys away I will simply sit in the cage and thats all. I give the dog a chance to simply allow me in his area. There are times when no physical contact is made. Just a plan to come back again a little later and do the same. Each dogs life is important to me so I will spend as much time as possible with him or her.
Sometimes they will come right to me and want to go for a walk. And that is beautiful also.

I have come to the conclusion that I benefit more than any of the dogs do. I get such joy and peace from it. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to really get in touch with their inner most feelings as well as inner peace.

Jeff from MD