Dear Mark – AKA “The Great One”…

I do not have a sad story, although I have had many of my family (dogs) live to a rip old age and pass on to a better place – I guess in \”doggie heaven\”.  But I do want to submit a photo of my sweet little Calli, my Jack Russell Terrier. The reason she is wearing that funny looking cone is because I saved up the money to have her spayed. I urge all your fans, near and far, to do the right thing and have their dog / cat spayed or neutered. Their are so, so many dogs and cats just sitting on death row it is heart-breaking. Don\’t buy a dog or cat, adopt one and save a life!  And at all cost: have your family pet (family member) fixed as not to create more life that will only end up being destroyed in the end – it\’s the right thing to do, and it\’s far better than the outcome of not having your pet fixed. Mark, I hope you share my thoughts with all your readers as not only are you a pet lover, but you are a great human being.
PS: I never miss any of your radio shows on WABC AM New Yourk City.
God bless you Mr. Levin!

Brian from NJ