I adore my dog Cora. My husband and I had cats over the years but did not have a dog………yet. So we both agreed to look. I spent many hours at the Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City, MI but could not find the fit for my husband. So I went to Petfinder and found a Whippet mix named Cora. I asked many questions about her and on a Saturday afternoon we travelled 2.5 hours to Bellwether Harbor in Fremont, MI (beautiful facility) and took home our Cora to the cats (3). She has been my running companion and work buddy for the last 4 years. We both love her dearly and enjoy the walking and running in the woods. She is so sensitive but quite the athlete. I believe she has enhanced our lives.
Thank you Mark for sharing your book with all of us. I tried to hold back the tears but absolutely could not. I lost a cat (to FIP) that I adored a year ago June and still miss him and think of him often. Pets are very good for us. Great companions and so comforting. They love us no matter what! Too bad more humans don’t take a bit of that attitude toward other people.

Barb from MI