Conan and Six Cats

Hey, I love dogs and I had a Doberman named Conan for thirteen years. He was a good boy to the last day. At forty-five years old I wept like a child for days. I truly loved him so. I must admit my I had a relatively redneck approach to animals until I met and married my wife. She taught me the value of animals and how the never lie about love. This is what opened me up to my first real heartbreak. I haven’t had the courage to let another dog into my life yet. And some how we wound up with six cats. With the exception of two all were rescues from the street.

When we finally let ourselves get another pup I’ve decided we will go to the local pound and try to find the ugliest dog there. Hopefully, we will go into our final sunset together. So, while I realize this is dog lover’s corner some of us fans have cats. Maybe not as impressive, but after all the King of the Jungle is still the lion.

Steve from AZ