Dear Mr. Levin:
Your book Rescuing Sprite came very highly recommended to me by someone who knew about the loss of my dog \”Bubba\” who would have been 15yrs old on Oct. 16, 2008.  I had to have Bubba put to slept this past Mon. Sept.29,08.  I was having such a hard time and still am, so she suggested that I read your story.  I stopped yesterday at Border\’s books and bought a copy and read it completely last night.  I cried and I smiled.  I too am a dog lover and Bubba was my best friend.  I got him as a Christmas gift for my youngest son when he was around 11yrs old.  Although it was my sons dog, he and I became close companions.  He has been with me through a devastating divorce of my sons father and through the death of my father and several surgeries that I myself have had.  Bubba was always there to greet me at the door when I came home from work and never left my side when I was really down and out emotionally.  Last Friday my friend got to the point of not eating or drinking.  Just laid beside of my bed, I had to help him outside and sometimes even had to carry him which was a chore.  See Bubba was about 85lbs, a mix of Black Lab, Husky and Cocker Spaniel.  He looked like a golden retreiver.  He was just a beautiful dog and friend.  I almost lost him about 2 yrs.. ago when he got really sick, but the vets at Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital brought him back on several medications.  The vet did tell me that he was getting very old and having several issues that I soon would have to make the decision of putting him down.  This is something that I totally put out of my mind until last week.  It came to a point where my pal Bubba was suffering so much with not being able to walk, and then he wouldn\’t eat or drink anything for 3 days.  Mr. Levin this was the hardest decision I have ever had to make.  I really feel like I have killed a living being.  Bubba died in my arms as the vet injected him.  I will never forget him looking up at me with those sad eyes.  I know in my heart that he is no longer in any type of pain, but it does not make the fact that I had to put him to sleep any easier.  Your book did help me somewhat, but as you know from your experience it will take time.  I know that I will never find another dog like him, so I don\’t even want to consider getting another.  I am sorry if this seems like I am rambling, but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story with all of us dog lovers.  It is nice to know that others truly believe that they are not just animals, they are actually a member of your family.
Judy  from MD