Monday night I lost my dog of 12years, Blondie. She was a mut (Anatolian Sheepdog!) She was loyal to me and our family, such a good dog! Our other dog 9 yrs old Buster is a black “english Lab.” – mut he mourns her I think. They were very close! She was there for me through the years. She was brave to the very end, I am sure she was in pain but never cryed out. Apparently, a tumor burst the spleen and she had internal bleeding ….into her stomach. My daughter in her teens took it hard, to help her heal, I told her go to the pound, see that lots of dogs need the kind of love we have…… she found a dog simular to our Blondie, but we both agreed she went to that dog for the wrong reasons. I told her not another dog for a few months….. but as I left a dog caught my eye, I barely acknowledged the dogs in there but she caught my eye. Now she “haunts” me … in a good way! She made me smile and I long to see her … happiness again. I vowed that when it was Blondie’s time I would get another dog, a Shepherd… Ok you know the “personality” of a Shepherd… but “Roxy” at the pound a mut ( they say heeler, terrier mix) she’s “orange” colored medium sized dog and has a joyful personality. Am I crazy?… I long to go see her, I even went back to the pound after work today ,just to see her. My husband says follow your heart…. my ever prevalent practical side says .. no wait…. am I nuts?… I think I may come home with Roxy tomorrow……

Laura from AZ