I listen to Mark everyday.I cried when he spoke of his dog Sprite.
Today I want to tell you about my dog Sophie.My husband was working out of town and wanted to get a dog so that I could have a little more peace of mind when he was gone.We saw an ad in the paper for German Shepherd puppies and went to see them.The person let all the puppies out so that we could look at them all,and they all went running around the yard except for one.She came up to us and started licking our legs and chewing our shoelaces .We both knew then that this was the pup we would take home
It has been 12 years and yesterday I lost that dog that had become the best friend you could have.Her name was Sophie,and she never became that guard dog my husband thought he was buying .She was the biggest,kindest,gentless dog you could imagine and her heart was just as big as she was.There wasn’t a person she didn’t like,but the children,oh she loved them.Running in the sprinklers,chasing the soccer ball.She loved it.
Yesterday morning Sophie played in the yard with my husband came in and hung out with me and 30 minutes later crawled on my bed and went to sleep for the las time.I miss her so much but I just owed it to her to share her a little bit so everyone could know what a wonderful dog she was.
Karen from NC