Shimano and Lillie

Hello All,
I haven’t always been a dog lover. When I met my lovely wife, Venus, in 2002, she aquired a shih tzu named Shamoo. He brought so much joy into our lives. He was a sweet little guy. After we move back to Texas, we had to stay with my parents, and Shamoo had to live outside. Well, at night, we had to attach hs leash to a cable because he had a habit of getting out. He was able to run across the backyard and back up to the porch. Well one night my Dad moved one end of the cable so it was parrallel with the fece. Me and my wife were not aware of this, and it was close to the 4th of July. Shamoo was terrified by fireworks. Well, the next morning, I found that my little buddy of three years had hung himself on his 4th birthday. We were devistated. A couple of weeks later, we got another shih tzu, and named him Shimano. He is my little buddy now. He is 3 years old, and “loves his daddy!”
Around this time, my wife was a vet-tech. She had always told me that she wanted a French Bulldog. Lo and behold, they had a Frenchie come in with pyrometria(pardon the speling please). She only had a day or two left to live. She had been owned by a puppy mill, who bred her at too young of an age, and brought her in to be put down at only a year old. She was born in Germany, on Thanksgiving Day, from a well respected breeder. Me and my wife, Venus, decided to pay for the surgery to save her life. Now we have a healthy little three year old female Frenchie who likes to “grunt” and “lick you to death”. She is superb with kids! We named her Lillie. Shimano and Lillie are “joined at the hip”. We are joyed to have them, and really happy that we were there to save Lillie’s life and give her a home from a careless puppy mill. Mark, we are honored to be your friends on my space (Brandon and Venus). Not only do we honor you for your brilliant wisdom you share with us everyday, we honor you for the great service you do for the world of dogs. Thank you Mark…God Bless………..
Brandon Elder