Our Furry Friends

Mark, I have just finished reading “Rescuing Sprite” and I am sad to be done with it. I started it while on vacation and did not want to put it down until I got to chapter 10. I knew what was coming so I put the book away. I have waited for the perfect day to finish it. No kids around for distractions and pleasent weather for sitting on my screened in deck to read. Now that I am done I wish your storey of Sprite didn’t have to end. I am such an animal lover! I have rescued dogs off the neighborhood roads and even interstates. I have always had dogs and some cats, sometimes like now I have had several dogs and cats at a time. I am a sucker for their unconditional love. I can’not even stand to see anything happen to an animal in a movie. I had to leave the room during the sad dog scene in “I Am Legend” with Will Smith. I just can’t stand it to see one suffer. My husband, who had not grown up with any family pets, has had to try and get used to all of the animals I have brought home. Some I found good homes for but most I kept. Our friends and family chuckle about my backyard which in some areas looks like a pet cemetary. (By the way my husband bought me your book for a birthday gift after hearing about it on Rush) But what I have done to help all the animals I have rescued or acquired is nothing compaired to what they have given to me!!! It’s hard for me to put in words the feelings I have from all the love and devotion they have all given me. My husband also said with a smile one day, that when it’s my time to go through the pearly gates of Heaven, that It will sound like a stampede when all of my passed away furry friends come to greet me! Well, thanks again Mark for your loving book about Sprite. It was absolutely wonderful to read about someone elses feelings about their pets that were like mine. I hope more people will support their local shelters and foster, adopt or even rescue animals when they can after reading your book. I hope writting the book helped to heal your soul a little. I will always remember Sprite like I knew him personally due to your detailed memories. Thanks again for sharing Sprite with all of us! Melinda from AL