Its a sad day in our household. We had to put our beloved Honey down due to cancer. She had a tough beginning. My wife got her from a shelter. She was with minutes of being put down when she claimed her. she had numerous welts form some jeck abusing her. We guess she was six or seven months old when we got her. That was fourteen years ago. I work 2nd shift so I don’t get home until midnight. For fourteen years she was the one who always greeted me. She don’t jumb on me like allot of dogs but made it known she was glad to see me. When we got a 2nd dog. that we had found wondering the streets. She welcome her without a problem and become the younger dog’s role model. I can’t begin to say how much I’m going to miss her greeting when I go back to work. She was a great dog. I will rememger fondly for the rest of my life
Charles from FL