Dottie, Cody

Hi Mark:
I finished your wonderful book today, and what a book it is!  We lost our beloved Leonberger, Dottie, almost two years ago from bone cancer.  She was only ill about 3 weeks, but being a giant breed, there was nothing anyone could do.  Our 8 year old golden retriever, Cody, still misses her.

Spritey was a wonderful dog and I read your book and shared your heartfelt grief which I still feel for Dottie everyday!  I work for a pet food company on the weekends and, as I walked around the local pet store yesterday, I had tears running down my cheeks after sharing your loss.  God bless you and your family for sharing this very personal story.

I also have written a manuscript about our beloved Dottie.  This is an unusual request, but how do I go about getting my story published?  I have sent my story out to publishers and haven\’t received a positive response for one reason or another.  If you could PLEASE steer me in the right direction, I\’d be forever grateful!

How are Pepsi and Griffin doing?

Regards to you and yours (pat your dogs for me tonite, ok?)

Mary Ann from MI