Bayla, Sage, Norman, Logan

Bayla was a gift from my wife to me almost 8 years ago. A Great Pyrenees, she exhibits a wonderful fondness for our cat Sage and Golder Retriever, Norman. Norman was several years her senior and my wife responded to my constant “nagging” for another dog to keep Norman company.
We had no idea that after two years Norman, then 8 would develop a sever blood disorder that caused a serious drop in his red blood count to barely 5. Although he had stumbled a few times which caused him to fall over, we had no idea that this disorder would eventually take him from us.
But during those terrible days where he was so weak, Bayla keep a constant vigil and would let us know when Norman needed attention. She knew when his time was short and wouldn’t leave his side.
After his passing, we all mourned, but Bayla grew ever closer to our cat Sage.
Today, we have another Golden Retriever named Logan and the two are inseparable except when they chase Sage around the house. We love how they seem to protect and take care of each other.
I believe it was Norman’s passing that made Bayla and Sage as loving as they are which has certainly translated to Logan.

Alan from FL