Dear Mark,
I’ve just read your book rescuing Sprite in two days flat and have cried so much. Sprite will be known all over the world soon through your book, indeed I live in England and hope this message reaches you. Despite the geographical distance one thing ultimatley unites all dog lovers over the world and that is pure love for our dogs. I have a 15 year old crossbred dog called Rufus and he is my child. I have no children so he means the world to me and although he is in very good health and shape for his age, I am dreading the day I have to say goodbye to him, my heart will feel as if it’s been ripped from my body, but I will be keeping your book to give me the strength to cope with this time, knowing that you and your family coped with your loss of beautiful Sprite. I admire you for being able to wear your heart on your sleave through writing your book, it’s not easy for a man to display the emotions you did, but thank god you did.
You gave Sprite so much in his short time with you and of course Pepsi and Griffen are happy dogs.
I’m sure Sprite will be very happy to know you rescued another one of his
doggy friends in Griffen,
Thank you Mark, you have given so much to your dogs, but you have also given the courage to
other pet owners to face
the day we all dread.

Jeannie from England