My Golden

Dear Mr Levin,
I’m a business traveler and dog lover. I have always owned Golden retrievers. So parts of the books were particularlly moving and sad especially the ABC executive who lost his Golden in the pool incident. It always astounds me when such powerful people have such affection for their dogs. We have a 2 yr boy Golden -who loved to pieces.
I had not purchased the book until I was in the Atlanta Hartsfield’s airport. Silly me decided to start it on the plane, and started to cry almost immediately. I just completed the book and boy it packed a punch. You have so eloquently put into words and context the joy and sadness what our friends bring us. I know this much is true, I would not be the person I am today had I not had my dogs in my life. They make us better people.
The lessons I have learned no book, school, or church could have taught me. In my career, I can be on my game all in time and successful etc… but my Golden gives me such piece of mind away from it all. Thank you so much for writing this book.
Kim from NJ