My Dachshund

I lost my dog a minature dachshound last year. She was a wonderful friend to us. She was sweet to other animals, and raised our other baby dachshound in a very loving manner. She had undiagnosed diabetes and subsequently developed pancreatitis, which is a very painful condition. Mark, you would not have known she was sick. She lost weight, and we made a vet appointment for here. The night before we put her down, she slept with my husband and I–she slept next to me and would lick me every so often. The vet said her pacreatic enzymes were the highest he had ever seen. The specialist basically told us that she would not recover. Putting her down was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but I didn’t want her to suffer more. Because of Honey’s unconditional love, my husband and I decided to adopt a dog from the shelter. Thank you for your courage in writing your book!
Gaye from KY