Years ago, my ex and I had a wonderful Dalmatian. “Happy”
was a devil for two years and then became a good girl for the next ten.
She would find any injured bird and bring it home or to us when we would walk at a local university in Long Beach.
And when we moved to Gods country in Coarsegold, Ca. she found other injured fowl.
Never crunching them – always with a soft mouth. The local vets would roll their eyes with a smile and say what kind of bird did Happy bring us today. Sometimes a fishook in their throat, a broken wing, etc. Canadian goose, duck, egrit, segull, you name it – she found it. I will always miss her. One of many pets I have had over the years. Right now, as a single lady I have a Mastiff, Choc Lab, mutt and three Jack terrorists, I refer to them, affectionately.

I love your show, Mark and loved your Sprite book!


Madelyn from CA