Guido & Sparky, Brandy

Dear Mark,
I just finished your book and found it to be so very emotionally engaging. I borrowed it from our local library and I am going to purchase a copy to make available on loan through our Hiawatha Animal Humane Society as a valuable aid for folks dealing with the loss of their pets. I am one of the volunteers you referred to in your book, Mark. We are a no shelter facility, so we depend solely on our volunteers to provide temporary foster homes for our animals awaiting adoption. We have a Board of Directors of nine, plus many others in the community…vets, merchants, cocerned citizens, etc. who are willing to help out. I am Secretary and it is my job to photograph the animals, make posters to distribute around the community and to advertise the animals in the newspaper, radio, petfinder, etc. I then help place them and keep records of each of them.
Personally, I have two cats at home of my own, …one, Guido is 18 and I cannot even begin to IMAGINE what my life will be like without him. I also have a disabled cat that I chose for that very reason. Sparky is 10 and brings such joy to all who know him. I also had a Weimaraner named Brandy for 17 years. She died in my arms, just like Sprite did in yours. We “animal people”
are truly blessed. The pain, and there is much of it is worth every bit…because our lives are so enriched by our animal compainions. I applaud your book and understand and share your feelings.
I have a quote that I do not know who originally wrote, that sums up so much of how we feel.
“We never lose those we love. They become a part of us and we carry them around with us whether we see them or not and in the end, we all become a sum total of those we have loved and those who have loved us in return”
I am so glad that there is more and more “animal awareness” in the world today. Books like yours helps with that mission.
Thanks! And God bless!
Karen from MN