My brother gave Rescuing Sprite to me for Christmas. I finished it in two days although through many tears. I used to rescue dogs for several years on my farm in Tennessee. I had to stop due to health problems, Lack of funding, lack of volunteers, and a devastated heart.

I gave it up except in extreme emergencies. I have one of those emergencies. Ironically her name is Pepsi. As I read the book i noticed how many of your friends, Mark, have or had very elderly dogs or ones that recently died close to Sprite’s time. Would one of your friends be interested?
I must adopt her out soon as I am preparing to move to California. I just sold my house. She is fully vetted, spayed and ready to go to a great, energetic home.
. She IS only 2 years old. She’s potty trained but needs her excitement controlled or exersized out of her each day. I can barely manage her due to my physical difficulties.
Help!! She needs a good home!!! Thanks for the book and for your compassion.
Hope I didn’t break any rules here.
Somehow we can arrange transport.

Jayna from TN;