Just finished your book and I rate it a 10 tissue box read.
This time last year I lost my beautiful girl Chloe to a brain tumour, she was a 10 year old Mini Fox Terrier (Tentifield Terrier is the other name) a true aussie dog. Very mad and a real dag (Clown) she love me, food and walks in that order! Like Sprite she had been unwell on and off for a number of months and my vet mentioned a MRI but said what was I going to do with the results. She was not a young dog, the MRI would terrify her and was I going to put her through so muchfear for the same outcome. I decided to medicate, watch and just love her to bits. I have tears in my eyes now as I type these words. She died in my arms 18th March 2007 I had her creamated as due to our drought here in Victoria the ground was too hard to bury her. I chose a pewter box for her ashes and when she returned home some of her was enclosed in a beautiful locket. I wear the locket and now take her with me to all the places dogs are not allowed! Thank you so much for sharing your Sprite with so many of us he will live on in our hearts now as he does in yours. I do have another dog she is Milly also a very aussie dog a Blue Heeler X with an Australian Terrier, she was a mistake birth so she was free to a good home and she is so much fun and a very different nature to Chloe. I will never forget my Chloe but life has to go on. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July last year and having a dog in my life again has made my treatment and recovery so much easier. They are truly here as our soul mates.

Clare from Australia