I just finished Rescuing Sprite. I cried when Sprite passed away. I felt that i was reading my own thoughts. My golden retriever, Tyler , died on january 16, 2006. He was my first dog as an adult. He was my kid since i have no kids. He was in renal failure. I stayed with him as the vet put him to sleep. I wanted to yell stop. Like you i felt terrible guilt. I also felt like i killed him. I felt like i took his choices away. I still havent been able to adopt another dog. I started volunteering for golden retriever rescue as a way to honor Tyler. The thought of getting another dog terrifies me. As i was reading your book, i realized why i havent been able to get another dog. I am afraid that i will have to make the decision to put him or her to sleep. If i knew the dog would pass away at an old age then i could handle it. So thanks to you and your book, i now realize what has been holding me back. God bless you and your family for all you do for animals.

Kelly from FL