Trixie, Lucky, and Miles

I received Rescuing Sprite for Christmas. I have put off reading it, because I know I’m in for a rough ride. Being a sucker for a sad story, especially involving pets, I knew I had to read it. I am reading it slowly, savoring the good times. About half way through and I can’t help but feel the magnitude of what’s coming. It brings back Trixie, Lucky, and Miles. The “Mutt”, the rescued Shepherd, and the Yorkie respectively. We have all been thrown a curve ball in life with the discrepancies in life spans. We can’t go through life with the joys without the sorrows. I feel bad when someone who has just lost their best friend swears off on owning another pet, though I understand. They usually come around after a while. We just can’t do without that unconditional love they so seflessly give. I know we are all better human beings from the lessons our pals have given us, all without them “saying” a word. Live, Love, and yes unfortunately anguish,but focus on the in between times. Thank you Mark for sharing Sprite and Pepsi with us and for revealing the softer side I knew you had, in spite of your big magnificent voice.
Ray from NY