Skunk the Dog

“Skunk the Dog” was my best friend. The running joke between my father and my wife was that she (Skunk) “couldn’t wait to greet me at the door when I can home and tell me what a great guy I was, and wag her little tail – now only if I could get my wife to do that!” So one Sunday my wife thought she’d be funny and greet me at the door when I came home from work at 6:30pm. Well we trained Skunk never to dash out of the door, but to sit till she was was told the release word “okay”. Well skunk knew the sound of my old diesel Suburban and alerted the wife that I was about to pull up out side. My wife opened the door to greet me, with Skunk sitting at her feet – tail wagging. I opened the passenger door of the car and said “OKAY”. Skunk ran and jumped into the car, we drove off together. I stopped and got a quart of beer for me and and Slim Jim for her, and we went to where we watched the sun set, and Skunk chased a rabbit of two. Upon returning home my wife asked me if “I and the other woman” had a good time. Of course the answer was yes. Moreover, I would work late night shift work and be sleeping in the morning when my “Sainted Wife” would leave to go to work in the early morning. My wife would kiss me good-bye in my sleep. But with “skunk the Dog” sleeping behind my knees, with she didn’t kiss Skunk first – making her intentions clear, Skunk would Snap at her – in protection of me. “Skunk the Dog” was known as the “Other woman” from that point on – even at church. I’m saving the other stories of “Skunk the Dog” for a book entitled “How Skunk Rescued me” – LoL.

Tom from VA