On March 14 2008 my wife and I had to put our dog, Shadow to sleep. A week before he had eaten snail bait(extremely toxic) in our yard, placed there by our gardener, unbeknownst to us. He became very ill, at which point we rushed him to the emergency vet. hospital. They knew what it was immediately and treated him accordingly. He stayed over night and appeared to be fine. Unfortunately, the next week he became very ill and we rushed him aback to the vet. hospital, where he was for 4 days. All his organs began to fail, he lost the ability to make red blood cells. They gave him transfusions, gamma globulin and everything they could think of, to help him make it. It was to no avail. It was one of the hardest things in my life to do, to tell the vet. to end his life. My wife and I and our two daughters who are grown up and live in L.A, and have three dogs themselves, have been mourning ever since. My life feels so empty. A dear friend gave us Mark’s book and I just finished reading it. I cried over and over again.It had a profound effect on me in my healing process. I just want to thank Mark for his openness in sharing with us, a piece of his soul that all too often no one ever does. It was one of the few books I’ve ever read that actually touched a part of me so deeply. I’m very happy that he didn’t stop the book project. I’m buying two copies of the book and I’m sending them to my daughters. I know it will do the same for them as it did for me.

Ken from FL