Sarah, Tipper

I recently moved (3 months ago) and brought my Cat of 10 yrs. and my Border Collie of 10 years with me. My cat has always been an outdoor cat, and always self sufficient. He would come home, eat, get lovin and then sleep till it was time to go back outside hunting or whatever. When I moved to my previous house 5 years ago, he spent 2 weeks getting to know the neighborhood and I saw him only once. When I moved to the townhome I am currently in I was worried about letting him out, as there is alot more traffic and all the houses look alike. Well he went out over 4 weeks ago, and I had not seen him since. My Dog Sarah, and Tipper the cat have always been best buddies, although Sarah has always been jeleous of the ammenities that was provided to tipper, that she was not allowed! Anyway, I had all but given up hope that Tipper was alive, spent nights crying over my lack of diligence to keep him in and feeling responsible for his death…I THOUGHT! Exactly 41 days since he was lost, today Sarah and I were sitting in the living room watching tv, (as I am layed-off from work right now), and Sarah was getting all excited and dancing around the patio door leading to the deck. I decided to let her out on the deck (which is upper level and has no stairs) and she went out then came back in and looked at me, then looked back out the door. She did this about 3 times and I decided she heard something I wasn’t hearing, so I went to the door. I heard a faint meow and for a second thought maybe it was a kid screaming in the distance, then I walked out on the deck and clearly heard a meow that I could not mistake for any other cat other than Tipper. I hd to go out and get him as he was so weak from lack of nutrition and being shot at with a shotgun I assume from the wounds. But he is alive, has no broken bones that I know of and is, although weak, very happy to be home and safe! Had it not been for Sarah, my loyal Border Collie, I would not have known Tipper was even out there, and gone to work at my second job without ever knowing. Thank God for little miricles!!!

Patrick from MN


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