Our little Buddy Ripley had to be put down on February 28th after 14 AWESOME years of fun love and loyalty. We adopted him on Christmas Day of 1993. Runt of the litter but special to no end. It was a very hard decision. I remember going through every emotion you did in your your book. The guilt of not knowing if you did everything you could can eat you up inside. We had a GREAT vet in Dr. Murphy who was Ripley’s vet for over 9 years. He had seen him through everything. Near the end Ripley had lost his hearing and most of his sight, but was very happy, but when the sores started to form we knew his days were few. We are going through our time of mourning now and will be looking for a new furry family member in a couple of months. Thank you for writing this book, it really helped me deal with this better then I could on my own. I’d also like to thank Dave for giving me this book and knowing it could help during this hard time. He is a true friend of the canine family.
Gary from VA