Ponce de Leon

Two and one half hours ago I had to make the decision to put my cat, “Ponce de Leon”, to sleep. I listen to the radio show almost every evening and remembered this web site.
I will add him to this page…
He was one of four kittens born in my closet 8 years ago.
I named him “Ponce de Leon” because he was the first of the four kittens to venture and explore outside of the closet.
He was the most affectionate cat and loved to be held. When I was in my home office, (with the door shut because he would love to have my undivided attention and walk across the computer key board), he would sit outside the doors and meow at me until I would come out and hold him. He would cuddle with me by putting his head on my shoulder and rubbing my neck with his nose. He purred so loud.
I will miss those moments most. He made the funniest faces, like a cat “Scooby Doo” and would make me laugh!
When I was sick, he would lay with me as if to comfort me. He could since when I needed his affection and would snuggle with me. He had been sick for several months and he was not going to get better. I petted his head while the injection was administered so he could feel me until he was gone.
He has only been gone for a few hours now but I miss him with all my heart. I will miss him forever as he was a very special cat and a child to me. I am thankful that he was in my life for what now seems like 8 short years. I will cherish the pictures that I have of him and never forget all of the “special times” that we had together. Thank you for letting me share this…With much love,

Diane from FL


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  1. Adrienne Says:

    Diane, there is not much I can write that would lessen your grief, but I hope you will consider this…
    Maybe the hardest thing in having pet companions is that they tend to leave us before we are willing to let them go. They remind us that we are all are here for a brief time, and we really should try to be kinder to each other. As the result of that, they leaves us richer, by far than we could have imagined…