Maximus, Leonidas

One christmas my mom and brother were finally interested in buying a dog for the family. Christmas day the 3 of us went to a breeders home where we all soon fell in love with our new 6week old Boxer, Maximus.
He was such an amazing dog from the start. he always listened and got along great with my labrador, Lexy. They always had to be the center of attention around everyone, but still loved being in each others company.

In August of 2007, a tragic accident occured.
i woke up to my mom screaming at the top of her lungs. i knew something was wrong and my brother and i darted out of our bedrooms.
After that moment, everything felt like a slow-motion scene in a movie.
we ran to the backyard to find our poor Maximus had fell in the pool and couldnt find a way out.
That day crushed all of our family! it was so difficult to not refer back to him in our memories and just want to be with him all over again. He was only 2 when he died and we were not given enough time with him at all!

Now we have lived on that experience and grown from it. Recently we added the new addition to our family, also a 6week old fawn boxer, Leonidas.
He is our new pride and joy. Obviously he cant live up to Maximus’ great love, but he can create his own place for himself in all of our hearts, just like Maximus did.
thanks so much.
your book was amazing and i read it over and over again.
Danielle from TX