Hi Mark,
My story is about a very special cat named Max.I was thinking I would like a male this time around since I had recently lost my female cat thru diabetes. I found Max thru the local newspaper from the daughter of the original owner. The daughter told me her mother had passed away and she promised she would give Max to another single woman who would love him. When I first saw Max for the first time, he walked right into the cage as if to say, take me home. well I did, and I had him for a year in a half by the day! On Januuary 13, Max woke me up with a big huge cry. He coudn’t breath and he was very cold. I rushed him to the vet and was told he had a blood clot that moved to his extremities, so therefore he couldn’t walk He had had a heart attack. Max was so wonderful, he had a personality everyone loved. I have a hard time with this because Max was always there for me. I will never forget the look on his little face when he looked at the vet as if to say, can you fix me? He laid there so calm, so sweet and patient, then he was gone. I have pictures of him, but I can’t send them due to not having the right equipment on my computer. By the way, Thank you for being there for all of us every night. The first time I heard you I knew I would listen forever. Thanks for listening, and letting me share my story.

Diana from MI