Living, Dying & Return

Dear Mark,

As I open your book, “Rescuing Sprite”, I am greeted with the words “Merry Christmas Tompa”, signed Deker and Checker (two cats). “We love you. 2007”.

I am Tompa – an affectionate name “affixed” to this “Geezer” of 92 years. I respond to either name, the former of which originated many years ago when my two grandchildren were learning the language. The latter came years later when my grandson, Jeremy, grew up and we became “buddies”.

Jeremy is now a 30-year-old bachelor in his own home – with good prospects of soon gaining a “Blonde Assistant” to help care for his 3 cats, 2 of which came from a shelter a few years ago, and the third, another “unwanted”, recently joining the family. As an aside, my daughter, Linda, (High School Teacher of the Year in 2006) has two cats and two horses. Additionally, she enjoys the 27 barn cats, nearly 50 ducks, dogs, goats and miniature donkeys who live at the boarding facility where she keeps her horses. My granddaughter, Lindsay and her husband, Zak, have two rescued cats as well.

Your book reminded me of our “Duchess”, whom we had to put to rest after 17 years of loving companionship. Born next door – mother a golden retriever and father unknown – Duchess had 8 brothers and sisters, mostly black and brown. However, our 45 lb. baby was white, curly and intelligent. She seemed to be born fully trained.

Our yard, no fences, in a subdivision of “young folks” (where I am the self-appointed Patriarch), without any formal training, Duchess would go no further than the sidewalk, and smile and wag her tail at passers by.

I am in the process of writing my life story – my “Journal” as I call it. The title at this moment is “Living, Dying & Return”. In the last chapter of my life story, I take my last breath in my comfortable bed in my own home, from which I embark on a journey through the “Magical Great Beyond”, bypassing the planets and the stars, and beholding my destination — beauty beyond description. My first vision of movement – like a whirling colorful dust cloud coming toward me – suddenly takes shape. Three dogs, led by my beloved Duchess, along with the two other dogs in my growing-up years, Curly and Ginger. I have a rough outline of my experience in my Heavenly Father’s domain, but I don’t mind telling you I get all choked up and teary when I even contemplate meeting my beloved furry friends in Dog Heaven.

I especially want you to know that you have two loyal fans in daughter Linda and me. You know your airtime here on WJR conflicts with my hero, O’Reilly, but from now on I’ll vow to do better. Old Rush is my idol and I catch him almost everyday. I have another “dog book” that I haven’t even touched yet – “A Good Dog”, by Jon Katz. I am on page 128 of “Sprite”, and I know I am in for more weeping and sniffling. I know that your Heavenly Father has a special niche in His heart for you – no one survives what you’ve endured without help from above.

Have a great day,

“Tompa”, the Geezer from MI

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  1. Sean Mendres Says:

    Dear Mark:

    Dear Mark:

    I lost two dogs last year their names were Captain And Cisco. We got them at Kennel in Kutztown PA. around Christmas time in 1992. Captain which was my dog love me so much. When I got him the lady own the Kennel Said he Came to no one but me. I have a disabilty I guess that why he like me. Cisco which was my sister’s dog was the shyiest he hardly barked. I like your show very much. Iam a Repulican thinking about voting for Mccain only if he Picks a conservative for V.P. . I am reading your book Rescuing Sprite which my Mom Got me for Chistmas last year in 2007. I keep listing to you on my computer and radio.


    Sean Mendres

  2. Sean Mendres Says:

    My sister just got a boxer for christmas by her boyfriend who came back from Iraq. I plan to get a yellow lab when I move in a couple years and plan to name it Addy as in Admiral or name it after your dog Sprite.