Lhasa, Miss Doe, Shadow

I have six dogs at this point in my life . . . three retired racing Greyhounds, a rescued poodle/terrier mix, a rescued Lhasa, and my best friend, Miss Doe. I thought you might enjoy hearing the story of Doe. I have been in animals rescue for many years, and three years ago, a Shih Tzu rescue group out of Florida called to see if I could keep a black male Shih Tzu named Shadow overnight as part of a transport from a kill shelter in Arkansas to a foster home in Pennsylvania. I agreed . . . and also agreed to drive about 100 miles to pick up the black male Tzu as part of the transport. When I got the dog, it was in a carrier. The other driver said that the dog had just gone potty and was sleeping, so I put the carrier in the backseat of my car and drove the 100 miles back to my home. When I arrived at my house, I opened the carrier door and out walked a white and tan female . . . well, I dunno what she is, but she’s not a Shih Tzu. I called the rescue group and told them that I had the wrong dog, and they said they’d make arrangements to get this animal back to the shelter in Arkansas. I wasn’t impressed with this idea and said that I’d keep the little dog here and find a home for her. Well that was three years ago, and Doe (short for Shadow . . . not being a black dog, Shadow seemed like an inappropriate name) has become my constant companion and best friend. I love all six of my dogs, but this is a very special little girl.

Thank you so very much for writing the story of Sprite. I read the book this afternoon, and can so very much sympathize with what you went through with your four-legged friend. I’ve had dogs all my life, and they are absolutely the best creatures on earth. Please know that taking in Griffen is such a compliment to Sprite. I’m sure he’s watching over you, and very pleased to know that the experience you had with him was so good that you were willing to take another life into your home and love him as you did Sprite. God love you and your family for what you do for these animals.

Susan from IN

miss doe