My dog Levin (who we used to call “Buddy”) loves to read with me. We are shown here reading Mark’s book, “Men in Black” and Jonah Goldberg’s book, “Liberal Fascism”. We changed Buddy’s name to “Levin” when we started worrying about Mark’s health. After reading “Rescuing Sprite”, we put two and two together…the stories of Mark’s health problems in the book, and listening to him talk about his eating habits on the radio, as well as Mark’s seemingly constant shortness of breath while “on the air”. So we’re doing a test with “our Levin” and feeding him lot’s of Big Mac’s every day and bunches of junk food. We want to see who survives the longest. Our dog Levin, or our favorite talk show host…”the Great One”…Mark Levin.

Honestly Mark, you know we worry about you. You have millions of fans who need you to maintain your health so you can keep on keeping on. We depend on you to continue to provide us with your knowledge, wit, brilliance and whatever else I forgot to mention.

Tina & Ron from DE