King, Riggs

Mr. Levin,

I just finished reading your book rescuing Sprite, and I cried and I laughed. Thank you for sharing your story. When I was in first grade My parents bought me a German Shepherd for Valentine’s Day. I named him King. He was my brother, constant companion, and best friend. He loved car rides, long walks, playing with tennis balls, and just spending time with his family. Sadly on Feb. 13th 2004, when I was 19 and in my sophomore year of college my beloved King passed away. I was devastated because it would have been 13 years together. I was sad and angry that he left me before our special day. My mom said he chose the day befoire our special day because he would only want me to remember our happy times on Valentine’s and not have it be a sad day. I think about him everyday. In my grief I was very lonely and missed my friend. After some time an ad in the newspaper caught my eye; and a few weeks later a little German Shepherd puppy came in to my life, his name is RIggs. Thank you again for sharing your heart warming story. I am sure that King and Sprite are playing in heaven. God Bless.

Mary from PA