Hercules, Zeus

My cat is psychic. His name is Hercules and he knows when I am low. In bad times I used to think to myself that I wished I had someone to just put their arms around me and lo and behold, that is when Hercules does his thing….he puts his arms around my neck and sits as close to me as he can. Sometimes I wake up and his head is buried in my hair and his kitty arms are around my neck. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night, he always has his arms out to hold me. We lost his “cat brother”, Zeus, of 19 years not long ago, another wonder animal for sure. Since then we put eachothers’ arms around eachother. He never put his arms around me until Zeus passed on to his reward. Now we comfort each other. If I could I would have thousands of cats, they are very much God’s creatures, but alas I am just one woman so I donate to cat causes (and dog causes) which is all I can do. Pets are not only our “fellow prisoners of earth, but our equals in love and care.

Wendy from CA

cat eyes