I have read your book and it brought tears to my eyes. I can definitely relate to your book. I thought I was strange with the way I talk and feel about my dog, Daffy. My husband and I adopted her from a shelter and she is the light of my life, my in-laws don’t understand that she is my baby. We don’t have kids yet and when I talk about her I talk like she is my little girl. We plan trips that she can go on with us, she loves to swim so we go to the beach together. I always had dogs growing up and it is the hardest thing in the world when you have to make that decision to put them down, they take a piece of your heart with them. It doesn’t get easier but not having a dog in your life is like not having air.

Stefanie from NY

2 Responses

  1. Brooks from St. Paul Says:

    I bought and read RESCUING SPRITE.. My Cockapoo, Lolli, lived to 19yrs. and was my constant companion when home; upstairs and down, BR or wherever. She should have been taken to the Vet a year before but I couldn’t do it. My favorite memory of this dog was her knowing when we were packing up for a yearly vacation “up north”. She got into the van and waited on the drivers seat for hours not taking a chance on missing the trip. I grabbed a photo and it is on the box containing her remains on the mantle.

    My son went out and brought home Jacky, a beautiful Jack Russell terrier. I love her dearly but it’s like taking care of a two year old child.

    When I pass and get to heaven, I hope and pray that I will be greeted by my Lollie.

  2. Joanne Says:

    I just finished Rescuing Sprite and I cried each time i picked up the book. Joy and anguish is a most appropriate description of what a companion animal can bring to our human lives and the profound sense of loss and grief at the passing of these beloved companions. I volunteer at our local animal shelter and I can hardly restrain myself from running out and dragging people in to see all the wonderful animals looking for a forever home. I hope you are recovering from your grief and cherishing Sprite’s memories.