Champ, Tyler

Just finished reading Rescuing Sprite. It was a gift given to me after the passing of our Golden Retriever-Champ. Champ died of Hemangiosarcoma on October 16, 2007. I have a huge story to tell. My husband and I raised 5 dogs for a Guide Dog organization. Champ was our first one. He was released due to kennel stress. So other than the 3 months he was away at “college”, he was with us his entire life. All 9 3/4 years. I had Champ certified as a therapy dog and we worked as a team for over 7 years. I used an animal communicator when it came to dealing with Champ and whether or not to treat him after his diagnosis. We had a cruise planned in October and ended up canceling it as I couldn’t go with our dog having cancer. He passed away 3 days after we would have gotten home. We would have lost all that time with him.

We have an 8 3/4 year old yellow lab named Tyler. Tyler has been a tremdous help to me and my husband. We have re-booked our cruise, but now Tyler has had some health problems. Nothing life threatening. He had a slight pancreas problem just a couple of weeks ago and now he is battling Uveitis. I am just sick to my stomach. I don’t feel I am strong enough to deal with all these health problems. I can’t enjoy this up and coming cruise. We are also awaiting the arrival of a new Golden Retriever puppy due in mid-April. I will be training him to be a therapy dog. I also want to write a book about Champ, but have never written a book before. Don’t know where to begin. I have alot more to say. Champ was an incrediable dog. Left a big legacy behind. Bless you Mark for writing this incrediable book about Sprite. It was wonderful!

Melinda from CA

champ, tyler