Our 14 year old black lab Bogey passed away very suddenly three weeks ago. I have always thought I would always be with her in the final moments of her life. I researched vets that would come to the house if I needed to put her down. But she left this world without me there and I am so very upset because of it. She was always there for me and I wasn’t there for her. I’m not sure what else I could have done. We have two boys ages 4 and 2 and it’s been so hard giving everyone in the family time, especially her. And I don’t even work! But she was there for me through so many things. I will always remember her next to me in bed under the covers because the house was to cold or walking her in parks where dogs were not allowed and hoe she failed puupy training and yet turned into to the best dog anyone would love to know. Her live was the greatest. She was my number one. Them I had two bioys and she was put on the back burner. She understood. And when her time to go I was not there. It makes me so sad. I have always has family pets growing upi. But she was mine. All mine. Before husband before kids. I hope she kwows how i feel about her.

PS Mark Love your show. I just don’t think a lot of American understand what is happening in our country. You want healthcare sure! No one understands that someone has to pay for that and all the other entitlements the libs want to enact. Anyway, sorry for my rant.

Elaine from MD