I lost my beloved boxer last week. Baxter was not supposed to die but because he was so weakened by the tests given him for a painful back and fever and because he had a previous diagnosed aortic stenosis condition, he threw a clot and passed while he was being treated in the animal hospital. Baxter was larger than life! Everything he did was enthusiastic, from eating his favorite foods, loved peanut butter, to playing with his football, Baxter didn’t miss a beat. He even crouched down to the floor to wait for a soccer ball as it was being kicked to him. Baxter wasn’t the most polite pooch as my friends told me because jumping was his way of expressing his happiness at seeing people come into our home. The greeting he gave everyone was more than exuberant. My pooch was the most lovable dog there ever was. There was always a kiss waiting for us. I am so sad that he is not here anymore. We miss him so much. I think that by trying so desperately to find out what was wrong with him, we hastened his death. I am so sorry for that.

Susan from NJ