We adopted our beloved Dog from pet haven when she was a year old.She was a German Sheperd and we named her Yoko which means good girl. She lived up to her name.On her birthdays I baked her a cake and took her picture as if she were one of the kids. She also recieved presants. She loved rides in the car, she would put her face out the window with her nose up to the breeze. Even if we spelled the word ride she knew what it meant and would run to the door.
I have so many meaningful stories about her but it would be pages and pages.
She was ten years old when she passed away on 11-11-07. She had her usual ailments for her breed but they were manageable.One morning she was fine when I left for work and when I came home she was dying.I miss her so much and even as i write this , tears are streaming down my face.
I bought the Rescuing Sprite for my husband for Christmas and he loved it.He sais only pet lovers understand.I read the book today and shed alot of tears.
Thank you Mark for sharing so much in your book.It takes a true pet person to share such feelings.
I wonder if I will ever beable to think about Yoko without crying.I miss her wet nose greeting me at the door when I get home from work.
Thanks again Mark for your wonderful book.
Sandi from MN