Dear Mark
A great SPCA dog, Woody, lives here. Actually, he belongs to my sister next door, on her 23 acres…He has a radio collar on, so he can’t actually visit me…he can’t come through the pasture fence. This dog is part yellow lab and we think, part Airdale, maybe, because he has somewhat longer hair, and it is curly….and he has wispy facial hair, and a big brown leathery nose. He looks like a bad taxidermy job. He has been here a year, and he LOVES his home. He takes his job seriously…patrolling the perimeter, barking at perceived threats, chasing any cat that will run, and killing the occasional unlucky groundhog or rabbit. When I walk over to feed our horses, if he is out and about, here he comes to greet me…he loves to mouth my hand…but he is so careful not to bear down with those big white teeth. I think if any Liberal would breach our property lines, he could get ugly with them.

Woody replaced Gus, another great SPCA dog, a yellow lab, that died at a young age. I happened to see Woody at the SPCA (York County, PA) when I was taking my cat there to get her spayed. My sister was dogless and still mourning Gus. I told her about this dog I saw that I felt would be “THE ONE”…..when I saw him in that cage, and he was pressing himself against the wire, and saying “Pleez, take me”. She went to see him, and that was all it took. We didn’t know what his name was….so we named him Woody, after our dad, whose friends called him Woody. (Our dad was a Navy pilot in WW2, and always had Lab hunting dogs).

I don’t have a pic of Woody right now, but will take one asap and send it to you.

I got a signed copy of Rescuing Sprite for my sister for Christmas. I know she has been reading it, I have seen it by her chair. I loved the book too.

Now, one other thing…I just listened to your show from March 20, and OH MY, that was a great show. All your shows are great, thank you so much for doing what you do.

Nancy from PA