My story is neither sad or funny, it’s just Truman. I adopted Truman, a now 110 lb. white lab, for my then young son who needed a friend. I was told he’d be 60 to 80 lbs. Not so much. We got more than a friend, with those extra pounds and inches. I’m not always well and he seems to know first when I’m not. He lays down on the floor with me and stays there until he is sure I am asleep. He then assumes his post on a rise of the stairs where he has a sniper’s view of all that can be surveyed. He stays there, no matter what is going on around him, without fail ,until Mom awakens and calls him over. This was not something he was trained to do, it is something he assumed to be his job.
I am truly blessed to be loved by such a perfect sweet creature, my boy, Truman.

Pat from PA