Tootsie, Fuzzie, Peppi, and Buddie

Mark, My wife and I are dog lovers. We’d rather spend the day with our babies than anyother thing on earth. We call them our babies. So, we now have two babies. An eight year old Shih Tzu named Tootsie. A six year old Schnauzer mix named Fuzzie. Both rescues that we adopted from The Ark. A no-kill shelter in Huntsville AL. Your in-laws might have heard of it. We lost a baby two years ago. A small Terrier mix named Peppi. The pain and anguish we felt for this lost was explained well in “Rescuing Sprite.” A great book. The worse pain I’ve ever felt in my life. We also took in a Shih Tzu that someone threw away last Oct. Found him on the side of the road. Named him Buddie. Found out he had heart worms after his first visit to the vet. Buddie was treated for the heart worms. The treatment was success. But he had to much damage to his heart. Buddie passed away om 12-22-2007 at 6:30 AM. During the same time I was reading “Rescuing Sprite”. Your book hurt but helped during this tough time again. So I’ll say thank you Mark and Sprite. May God bless your babies and all the other babies that have gone on. And may God look over the babies we are blessed to have now.
Johnny, Dianne, Tootsie & Fuzzie from AL