My story is very simple.We did not have any children but, we had TITAN. Titan was a gran dane doberman mix. Big dog.He was our baby he had his own room and everything. He died several years ago but up this moments that I am writing this lines I still cry every time we remember him. After his death we removed all of his pictures because just looking at them brought tears to my eyes. To the point and, this will sound incomprehensable to many I fall into a state of depresion. We are not replacing him because another lost of a pet that is your life might be not to healthy for me. Thanks a lot for bringing stories like this to light so people are aware that pets need to be love and taking care of no matter what.Well thats all I had can’t keep going tears are fogging my eyes.
Jose from WI

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  1. susie Says:

    Don’t be sad! I just lost my precious Emma 2 weeks ago. I removed all of her things, except her pictures. Even though you removed his pictures, TITAN will forever live on in your heart. He knows you were a good daddy and he is your guardian angel. He is happy, healhty and warm and has food. You will see him once again!

    God Bless