The Little Princess

My wife and I know that God blessed us with Chanel (the little princess). Chanel just past away with lymphoma cancer. I don’t want to tell you how she died I want to tell how she lived. Chanel was an abandoned Collie/Shepard mix about six months old running around the complex where my wife owns a shop. Fafar needed to go to the bank which was in the same complex so she walked as she was walking she noticed a scruffy looking dog and said something kind. She went into the bank and finished her business and came out of the bank twenty minutes later guess who was waiting? As Fafar was walking back to the shop the little scruffy dog followed her all the way back to the shop. Fafar got some water and something to eat to feed the little beggar she looked for a collar and found none. She looked closely at the bag of bones with the pads worn off her paws to the point they were raw. Fafar called the SPCA they told her that they would not pick the dog up. This is where I came into the picture; Fafar called me and asked me what to do? I did not have a clue what I was just about to get into she asked me to come to the shop. When I showed up I saw this poor pathetic bag of bones and knew that she was starved and more than likely was on the streets for weeks. I called the SPCA I was mad as hell, they told me that if they picked up the dog that they would only put it to sleep. I hung up on the——- . Fafar looked at me, now what to we do. This was my chance and I took it; you see Fafar resisted to own a dog for years because dogs shed all over the place, has fleas and makes messes all over the place. I was still so mad at the SPCA I said if they don’t show up she goes home with us and stays. Reluctantly Fafar gave in but with conditions, the dog had to stay outside, it would never be allowed in the house, I had to take care of it and feed it. Within three days Fafar fell in love with this scruffy little dog, as a matter of fact she was sleeping in our bed, needless to say we both fell head over heels for this little abandoned dog. We sat on the floor for hours trying to come up with a name and finally settled on the name Chanel we didn’t realize at the time that her name would fit her personality perfectly. As the days and weeks went by a special bond between all three of us formed. We became an inseparable threesome. Chanel was the smartest dog I ever knew, she learned so quick it was amazing within weeks she was working with hand signals. Chanel was also the kindest most gentle sole one could ever meet, she had a uniqueness about her she is a princess to anyone who ever met her. Her love was never ending and you could always see it in her eyes and the way she acted. For every ounce of love she received she gave twice as much back. I have never seen an animal give love to two people equally with the exception of our Chanel. As an example if we were both at home and I was upstairs and Fafar was down stairs Chanel would split the difference and lay down on the landing half way up stairs. There were a million little things that she did that made everyday worth looking forward too. Every day of her life we would go on walks twice a day. We moved close to a lagoon and I started to let her off her leash to run freely and for years she had her own time and we played hide and seek so for her going for walks was always a happy time, I even think she learned how to spell “walk” because even if she was in our backyard and you spoke the word walk she was there and ready to go. Fafar and I began to spell the word W A L K, low and behold Chanel picked up on it and were on our way for the walk. If one of us was sick Chanel would stay with the sick person, to this day I don’t know if we were her mom and dad or she thought we were her children. Chanel was always the little princess because she always handled everything with grace, elegance, dignity, and honor. We miss her but she will always remain in our hearts and we will remember her all the days of our lives as the blessing of the Little Princess.

John Paul from CA