Tank, Sadie & Katie

Tank was my 3rd child in everyway, he just had 4 legs.
Tank was the English Bull Dog I had always wanted, but so much more. He came to us when our 2 chilldren were in high school and were trying ween away from Mom.
I will never be able to explain the bond I had with Tank, I felt like every word I said he understood and it seemed I knew his every thought.
One day I came home from Saturday errands and Tank’s eyes were darting from side to side and he had a hard time standing. We rushed him to emergency vet and then to our Vet on Monday. through test he learned that whatever happened caused my baby to go deaf in his right ear. The doctor & I both worried he had a brain tumor. We went to Texas A&M for additional test. After 3 days of test they decided to close the deaf ear off to avoid infections and explore what was going on hat a MMR didn’t show.
I dropped him off at 8:00 a.m. and cried & cried because i felt something was so wrong. I will always remember the cute girl taking him from me saying “don’t cry he will be fine.”
I called at 6p.m. and he had gone through the surgery with out problems.
At 1 a.m. I got a call Tank had passed away. No one knew why……. they could not find any reason why he died or even went deaf. No tumor, no blood clot nothing, no reason what so ever! I needed an answer. I just could not understand why he would die for no reason!
I went through severe depression. I knew people thought i was crazy for hurting so bad over losing a dog. It was unexplainable. I still hurt bad when I think of my very special Tank.
I now have Sadie & Katie, also English Bull Dogs and adore them with all my heart, but the bond I had with Tank can never be again.
Mark ,I have been unable to read your Rescuing Sprite due to the depression. Even after 8 years the pain you feel would bring back the memories of the pain I felt.
I know this book has helped so many understand they are not crazy to morn the animals that give us so much unconditional love.
God bless you not only for the love you continue to give Sprite but also your love and devotion for our country.
I pray for you.

Donna from TX