Talking Pets

Hello fellow animal lovers. As most of us here likely understand, these devine loving creatures we call pets, and even so called wild animals, add undeniable beauty to our world.

I’ve lost a number of pets throughout my 45 years here on earth… since the last loss, I’ve firmly depressed my pause button when it comes to my potential next committed adoption.

I would like to share something very real and miraculously wondrous with you all here. I have been quite involved with first hand experimental research pertaining to what is present within the complex sound frequencies of many animal’s voices…. I use many technical approaches, and computer editing software, along with my inherent sensitivities.

I have found that certain exceptional animals do indeed learn to speak in human language.. and I am NOT limiting this to the basic mimicking of ” I love you ” or some other such basic phrase the animal’s person has coached the animal to repeat.

I am saying that animals… many dogs, are able to produce short embedded phrases within their vocal sound frequencies, which very strongly suggest that they are projecting their thoughts and feelings verbally, much like we as humans do.

I have many evidential audio examples, and I’ve been trying to find other people who would help me put this to beneficial use… especially for the animals, though, for a devoted pet guardian to be presented with what the beloved animal wants and needs to have heard, this can offer glorious benefits to the human counter part as well.

I have learned that this seems to be frightening for some people, but I’d like to ask for this… if there are people coming by the great one’s website who are honestly interested in learning the truth about this phenomenon, and who might wish to help the cause of advancing this reality toward a deeply useful purpose… please do. Audio recording submissions of your vocal pet would be quite welcomed help. I am NOT asking for any fee or payment, this research is for discovering the blessed truth, and I do believe it’s for a higher purpose than entertainment !

I have real evidence of which I speak !

This submitted photo is of my very last beloved pet. I watched him go into seizures and violently die in my dining room a couple of years ago. I still haven’t emotionally felt ( as far as I can tell ) what this experience had to offer… I know how precious these creatures are, and I’d sure like to use my developed gift / talent, to add something special to the dynamic of interspecies relationships.. I can definitely help relay in tangible ways… the words certain animals want so much to have heard, that they literally speak them !!!

Thank you for reading this, and my best wishes go out here for all loving living things !


Brian from WA

my kitty